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At Tari Trading, we stand as a beacon of quality, ensuring that our black raisins are a testament to the superior taste and nutritional goodness of black currants. Our commitment extends from overseeing the entire supply chain, sourcing directly from the farms, to secure transportation with insurance and valid certificates.

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Welcome to the enchanting world of black currants, where Tari Trading Company takes pride in introducing this delectable fruit to the global market. As a leading Iranian exporter and supplier of premium nuts, including raisins, we are thrilled to share insights into the fascinating realm of black currants and our unparalleled services in the export industry.

What is Black Currant?

Black currant, scientifically known as Ribes nigrum, is a small, glossy black fruit packed with nutritional goodness. Renowned for its rich flavor and high content of antioxidants, black currants have gained popularity both in culinary applications and as a health-conscious choice.

Cultivation in Iran:

Iran, with its diverse climate and fertile soil, provides an ideal environment for cultivating black currants. The picturesque landscapes of various regions, including Gilan and Mazandaran, boast thriving black currant orchards. The unique combination of climate and soil conditions results in the production of black currants that are not only delicious but also of exceptional quality.

Tari Trading’s Commitment to Quality:

At Tari Trading, we uphold a commitment to delivering the finest products to our customers worldwide. Our black raisins, sourced from premium black currant varieties in Iran, stand as a testament to our dedication to quality. We ensure that every step of the production process, from the farm to the port of destination, is meticulously managed to maintain the integrity of our products.

Export Services:

Our export services are designed to provide a seamless experience for our valued customers. When you choose Tari Trading as your partner in black raisin wholesale, you can expect:

  1. Premium Quality: Our black raisins are carefully selected and processed to meet the highest standards, ensuring a superior product for our customers.
  2. Direct From the Farm: We oversee the entire supply chain, guaranteeing that our products are sourced directly from the farms in Iran.
  3. Secure Transportation: With a focus on safety and reliability, our transportation services ensure that your products reach the port of destination securely and in optimal condition.
  4. Insurance and Valid Certificates: Tari Trading goes the extra mile by providing insurance coverage and ensuring that all necessary certificates accompany our products, giving you peace of mind in every transaction.

Embark on a journey with Tari Trading Company and explore the world of premium black raisins sourced from the bountiful orchards of Iran. With our unwavering commitment to quality and comprehensive export services, we invite you to savor the excellence of Iranian black currants. Contact us today and experience the Tari Trading difference in every delightful bite.